antwerp x creme brulee

soft matte lip cream butter gloss blouse + cardigan: forever 21 // necklace: h&m // lips: nyx soft matte lip cream in antwerp and nyx butter gloss in creme brulee nyx antwerp creme brulee left: nyx soft matte lip cream in antwerp // right: nyx butter gloss in creme brulee

I've never been a big makeup lover; I remember going to Walgreens as a high schooler and buying various types of makeup (mascara, eyeliner, tinted moisturizers, eyeshadows, foundations) whenever I had some extra cash. I have to admit that I can be quite the tomboy sometimes. But hey, I am a girl. I enjoyed watching makeup tutorials on youtube, so why shouldn't I put some on myself right? Wrong. (Well, kinda.) It was fun, yeah, but never fun enough for me to fall in love with makeup. In all honesty, I was a broke high school student living off of allowances and birthday money; with such little money to spare, I came to terms with the fact that I will always choose clothes over eyeshadow. Who knows? Maybe in the future I'll become a makeup addict and sell my life all my clothes in an effort to afford things like YSL. But as of now, makeup isn't really my thing. /shrug

But, I am starting to get into lip products. Compared to other types of makeup, they take barely any time to apply and you often don't need things like makeup remover to remove it. Pair it with some mascara then you're good! (Though sometimes I just opt to only curl my eyelashes because I'm just that lazy). I'm especially loving NYX Cosmetics because their lip products are super cheap and amazing quality. Plus there's so many colors and types to choose from! On my lips today are two of the first lip products I ever bought from NYX, along with Bonfire, an Xtreme Lip cream, and Apple Strudel, another Butter Gloss. I wore Creme Brulee and Apple Strudel all the time. Seriously. However, even though I had the option of brighter/bolder colors I never really reached for them because they were out of my comfort zone. I still don't know why I bought them in the first place. Only recently have I become more confident in wearing brighter colors when I'm going out and I gotta say I'm loving it!

If you're like me and aren't that much into makeup, or simply looking for affordable lip products that have great quality, then I would definitely recommend NYX. I'd give them 10 thumbs up if I could.




  1. I'm really scared to wear brighter colors too since I'm still in school and people don't really dress up in Michigan! Love the creme brulee on you <3 it's such a soft and pinkish color.Gonna go check out NYX lips products now.... always thought they are cheap and not really good quality ><


  2. love NYX products