"oh boy, it's december."

Is it really December already? We seriously can't wait for a whole month of cold nights on Market St., late night movie marathons complete w/ hot cocoa 'n fuzzy socks, last-minute gift shopping, and (most of all) borderline obnoxious christmas tunes. These pics were the product of what we'd like to call a pre-celebration to the end of the semester and proved that shoots are 10x better when you're stuck walking through the city for a whole day with nothing but two stuffed suitcases and $15. Finding a decent place to eat -- aka finding a place where we could get the most food with as little $$$ as possible -- was somewhat of a struggle until we remembered Chinatown was within a reasonable walking distance (s/o to cheap asian bakeries wooooo), and by the end of the day we proudly went home with the knowledge of at 4 different public bathrooms big (and clean) enough to change in.

 photo pic-2_zpsab77986d.jpg  photo pic-6_zpsaa3643f3.jpg  photo pic-10_zps337fc75b.jpg  photo pic-4_zps30b0f01f.jpg  photo pic-9_zpsd2f3048e.jpg  photo pic-7_zps81cc2389.jpg  photo pic-8_zps0286e1bb.jpg  photo pic-5_zps7fd3cbff.jpg  photo pic-3_zps950f2515.jpg  photo pic-11_zps1dc54a2d.jpg

Chantel: Thrifted Jacket + Top, American Apparel Skirt, H&M Boots
Elisa: H&M Coat, Foreign Exchange Top, American Apparel Skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Shoes


rayanne jeans: salsit.com (http://salsit.com/shop/bottoms/rayanne-jeans#.VCJ2fkv8PnY) // shoes: topshop // watch: danielwellington.com // sunglasses: sunglassspot.com // men's bomber jacket: forever 21
I never thought I'd be someone who would be into the distressed jean look that's been trending recently. Although I am a huge fan of edgy looks, I didn't think I could find the right pair of distressed jeans for me. Thankfully, Amelia from Salsit hooked it up with these high-rise distressed jeans that I fell in love with; the outfit possibilities with this pair are endless.

I decided to go downtown with some friends the other day. I haven't been for awhile, as downtown SF is usually reserved for intense shopping (of which I am too broke to do at the moment) or is considered more tourist-y. After going though, I was reminded of how many aesthetically pleasing downtown looks, with all it's different shades of gray, white, and black everywhere, as well as interesting, random architecture. I should probably save up and invest in more trips to The City.


when in berkeley...

purple kow remains a boba cafe that has the best interior design 

the purple kow in berkeley does not stray far from the look of the one in san francisco

i would go to berkeley just for the nice trails and paths they have around campus

"gwen crop" (striped crop top): salsit.com // high-waisted jeans, backpack, & round sunglasses: forever 21 // belt: american apparel // white platform shoes & moto jacket: h&m
It's that time of year again when everyone's going back to their respective college campuses for another school year. My boyfriend and my other friend recently started their fall semester at UC Berkeley, so me and my other friends back at home decided to give them a visit. I must admit, the amazing food spots near campus and their proximity to everything would have me going there in a heartbeat. The weather at Berkeley is also way better than back at home, so I enjoy walking down all the woodsy paths and trails on campus with sunlight streaming through the canopy of trees.

Amelia from Salsit.com recently gifted the two of us with some amazing pieces from their new collection. The one featured in this post is the Gwen Crop (http://salsit.com/new/gwen-crop-334#.VA_bZUv8PnY), which is a stretchy and super comfortable simple striped crop top that goes with just about anything. Stripes are a big trend going on right now, and I am happily going along with it. We're also in love with just about everything on Salsit, so be sure to check our their site and cop yourself a couple pieces.


denim, sheer, red lips

top & shorts: zara // shoes & bag: h&m // denim jacket: thrifted // sunglases: sunglassspot.com // lips: shien cosmetics
matte lipstick in "forbidden city"
I'm someone who is very big on following the latest trends. What I find most interesting about them is how simple ideas that we never really thought of before can become a fresh and popular fashion statement. One trend, as you can see in this cluster of pictures, is all-white, sheer pieces paired together. I knew that when Zara was having their big online sale that I had to snatch a white sheer skirt, top, shorts, anything. Even though the top and shorts were sold separate, the pairing was just too good to pass up. Not only were both pieces super comfortable, I thought it was quite cool that a seemingly simple all-white get-up can stand out so much in a crowd. But, as always, I like to put little twists in my outfits such as adding red lips and a denim jacket.

Both Elisa and I have had the biggest trouble in finding nice, monochrome backgrounds in our city. We see all these bloggers taking the perfect shots in front of crisp white, gray, or black backgrounds, but where we're from, the only shades we get are ugly beiges and rusty reds. That's why, when we found this backdrop in the parking lot of a BART station, we knew we couldn't resist. Kindly expect more photos in the future with this background. We know that the BART security guard who questioned what we were doing with a puzzled expression while we were shooting will.


 photo gorilla2_zps436e3a12.jpg  photo gorilla4_zps412fe941.jpg  photo gorilla3_zps16a49e61.jpg  photo gorilla5_zpsf0e9d57e.jpg  photo gorilla6_zpsbe801e43.jpg  photo gorilla1_zpsd4754aa9.jpg  photo gorilla9_zps97edee82.jpg  photo gorilla7_zpsef704d4c.jpg  photo gorilla8_zps8e2d52cf.jpg

cardigan + shirt + bag: h&m // denim dress: thrifted // shoes: asos // sunglasses: sunglass spot

I've begun to grow attached to this cardigan, despite repeated remarks from my mother and little sister that it makes me look like a human/gorilla hybrid. I purchased it ages ago with the intention of finding a new everyday cardigan that wasn't gray. (I swear, I have about 5 different-but-practically-identical gray cardigans and although I have come to terms with the fact that I have a problem and it needs to stop, I always find myself on the verge of adding another one to my 'collection' whenever I go shopping.) I probably wore this cardigan to school once, and on many occasions I have considered selling it or giving it away. Now that I'm back home, however, I've regained a newfound love for it. It's perfect when I wanna add a little somethin' somethin' to an outfit but don't want to try. Because as y'all already know, finding an outfit can be a pain in the butt some days. But I gotta admit, I wonder how many times this cardigan has turned me into the main character of blurry snapchat pics captioned "lol she's wearing a rug."

Elisa x