"True friends are like diamonds -- bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style."

Born and raised in the Bay Area, California, Chantel and Elisa met when they were 10 years old during elementary school. After being put on the same volleyball and academic decathlon teams year after year and finding out they had a common love of bizarre things, a friendship quickly blossomed. Going off to different high schools didn't seem to affect that either.

One night during one of their regular sleepovers during sophomore year in high school, Elisa introduced to Chantel YouTube videos of her favorite fashion bloggers. A good couple hours spent watching those videos, the two girls realized and discovered their immense love of style and fashion.

Now, after years of gaining fashion inspiration, the two have decided to start their own fashion blogging experience to share with others. The individuality and free expression that fashion gives them is what they are hoping will relate to fellow style junkies. Despite attending different colleges, their common love of fashion unites them. After all, what two best friends wouldn't enjoy a nice fashionista journey together?


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  1. Love your blog! You two are beautiful and so inspirational!