awkward hands

 photo D14B54EC-9C43-469F-A717-2B2F6C85E6B2_zpsh54bfivc.jpg  photo 0DE1BC5C-93EE-4409-967C-9D0FA98A56C1_zpsarppji04.jpg  photo 77B20415-0699-42BD-ABE8-110B3EE33E09_zpstxducwk1.jpg
blouse: cotton on // jacket: forever 21 // jeans + shoes: pacsun

I honestly never know what to do with my hands when I take pictures. I tend to jump straight to the simplist thing and put my hands in my pockets. Can you imagine the mini heart attack I go through whenever I realize that my outfit doesn't have pockets? Kidding. Can you also imagine my major heart attack when I took my Bio lab practical today? I'm crossing my fingers, toes, legs, arms, and everything else I could possible cross in hopes that I get a decent grade. Aka, above average.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!



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