denim, sheer, red lips

top & shorts: zara // shoes & bag: h&m // denim jacket: thrifted // sunglases: // lips: shien cosmetics
matte lipstick in "forbidden city"
I'm someone who is very big on following the latest trends. What I find most interesting about them is how simple ideas that we never really thought of before can become a fresh and popular fashion statement. One trend, as you can see in this cluster of pictures, is all-white, sheer pieces paired together. I knew that when Zara was having their big online sale that I had to snatch a white sheer skirt, top, shorts, anything. Even though the top and shorts were sold separate, the pairing was just too good to pass up. Not only were both pieces super comfortable, I thought it was quite cool that a seemingly simple all-white get-up can stand out so much in a crowd. But, as always, I like to put little twists in my outfits such as adding red lips and a denim jacket.

Both Elisa and I have had the biggest trouble in finding nice, monochrome backgrounds in our city. We see all these bloggers taking the perfect shots in front of crisp white, gray, or black backgrounds, but where we're from, the only shades we get are ugly beiges and rusty reds. That's why, when we found this backdrop in the parking lot of a BART station, we knew we couldn't resist. Kindly expect more photos in the future with this background. We know that the BART security guard who questioned what we were doing with a puzzled expression while we were shooting will.

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