cali winter

top: bloom // short: // bag: h&m // sunnies:
With Christmas over and the new year approaching, the weather surprisingly here in California has not allowed us to see actual winter weather. Throughout the whole season, we've been getting sunny and warm days. Although this is a plus compared to rainy and cloudy weather, the cold weather in my opinion helps people to get more into the spirit for the holidays. We didn't really get to experience that in California this winter, so it was a little hard to get into the spirit this season. Of course the warm, sunny weather today had to be taken advantage of.

I've been thinking a lot about what my New Year's resolutions should be. So far, my brainstorming has come up with the basic "eat better, exercise more, save money, do well in school". I intend on keeping these resolutions this year and working hard to keep them up. But beyond those that I listed, I wanted deeper resolutions. I came up with "be patient. understanding. kind. accept failures. learn from mistakes. be open to the world. be open to new experiences." Crossing my fingers that I can carry them out in 2014.

What are your New Year's resolutions?



  1. This skirt is cute, and i love your blouse!! Very chic :)

  2. cool top dear :D


  3. Love the floral top so much! So jealous that you can wear something like this in Cali. Super cold in Michigan :'( Love the skort <3 and your resolution is similar to mine, eat healthy, work out, and be happy!



  4. Love love love this look! This blog is super cute! I think pairing this floral crop with that white skirt is perf! Really gets me excited for the spring! You're so lucky you have warm weather:(

  5. Has to be one of my favorites! You look lovely, and the contrast of the top and bottom are perfect<3

    Best wishes,
    Preeti G.