jeans & wedges

jeans & rings: h&m // wedges: // top: bloom // necklace: //beanie: american apparel

Although it doesn't show in any of the outfits I post on our blog or on Instagram, I love wearing jeans every day. To me, they're just so ready to be worn when you're late or in a rush, which is basically me nowadays. I remember someone commented on one of our Instagram posts that we should posts more outfits with jeans, and while I did agree with their comment, I couldn't help but silently laugh to myself because I literally wear jeans on an almost daily basis. I realized that I don't post up outfits with my jeans because I usually like to pair them with oversized hoodies and an old pair of Converses that I don't think are really worthy of being posted.

On another note, the wedges pictured above are my absolute favorite pair. What's so great about them is that they can be worn to when you're trying to dress up, or even casually. Looking at the 5-inch heel, my friends always wonder how I can possibly walk in them. Even surprising myself, they are some of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've worn.

I think that the wedges and jeans look is definitely becoming one of my go-to outfits.


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  1. I completely agree! Although since I don't like skin-tight pants, this is so relevant to me and my boyfriend jeans. I wish I could wear them every day! They're just so comfortable. I love how this look is both casual and chic. That beanie is the perfect accessory!