happy december!

top & necklace: www.shopcivilized.com // jacket: forever 21 // boots: h&m // beanie: foreign exchange // 
I've always been one for urban/street fashion. The edginess of this type of style is one that appeals to me, and I find myself wearing outfits like this more often nowadays. Leather and camo are two types of styles that are my favorite when it comes to street fashion, so of course I had to pair the two up together!

I got these ankle boots H&M about two months ago, and I have to say that they have been one of my best purchases of the season so far. I wear them out a lot, and they're barely worn out. And seeing how simple and basic they are, they can practically match with any outfit. 

I know it's already December (did a year go by that fast already?), but for some reason here in Northern California some days have allowed the wearing of shorts. Although the sunny days are nice, I do miss chilly nights that actually match the month that we're in. Hope everyone enjoys the last month of 2013!



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  1. In love with the oversized camo jacket! such a great compliment to the outfit! So edgy <3