happy turkey day

 photo 2BE7C6B6-996C-46CA-A79B-71656568D333_zpsjcqx0q9l.jpg  photo E5EE2195-BAAD-4F0F-8362-E906D6264930_zpsndtxv2lv.jpg  photo 68050085-A942-4355-9BDF-C3720CD460A6_zpsjf0exsv1.jpg  photo 909CE724-DD5C-4700-A8D6-6439675CEFC1_zpsmvu76k1t.jpg  photo C3BE2399-5AFF-4690-8A85-A682A412AE2A_zpsvwcetvuk.jpg  photo 52C6E1CE-F735-4989-8141-293C2FF8F6AF_zpshzegjghc.jpg
sweater: h&m // skirt: urban outfitters // scarf: foreign exchange // tights: target // shoes: pacsun // sunglasses c/o sunglass spot //  lips: nyx xtreme lip cream in bonfire

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There are so many things that I'm thankful for, including all of you guys. I still remember when Chantel and I were mulling over whether or not we should start a fashion instagram. The conversation consisted of us saying "Do you wanna do it?"to each other over and over until one of us finally said, "Let's do it. We have nothing to lose." And then we posted our first picture on instagram, and the moment we got our first like we screamed like little girls, prompting the cashier of the cafe to look over at us as if we were crazy. And now, a couple of months later, we've come this far. We honestly couldn't have done it without any of you guys! We may only have a handful of followers here on blogspot, but we are both so thankful for all the people who took the time to check our blog out. I'd give you guys eternal hugs and kisses if I could! (okay maybe not eternal, but a good amount).

Hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with food and love!




  1. u look super gorgeous! these photos are amazing :D

    xoxo, Eliza
    Bread and Butter

  2. thats great! i tried to do a fashion blog with my cousin, but its a lot of work! good to see you guys doing the dooo!!! stay fashionable ladies ;)




  3. ahh girl! you are so good at layering! I live in Michigan and the weather totally restricts me from wearing cute stuff! I love this girly/neutral color look! Love how you add the circle scarf to complete the look.