shien cosmetics review + swatches

"the viper's dream"
matte lipsticks by shien cosmetics
The two of us hardly wear makeup. The main reason? Well, we simply both just don't know how to really properly apply it (and nicely at that). Venturing in the world of well-versed makeup knowledge leaves us stumped. We're basically illiterate with eye shadow, need extra practice sometimes to apply eyeliner, and are still amazed by makeup terminology like "contouring".

So what do we do to make ourselves look a little more presentable? Simple. We stick to the easy stuff. Concealer, foundation, mascara, and lippies are within our comfort zones. When we get too lazy to put the other stuff on, we stick to lip items.

We recently discovered Shien Cosmetics, a up and coming cosmetics brand that is designed to compliment Asian skin tones (but look amazing on just about anyone!) Lianna from Shien Cosmetics was kind enough to send us samples of their "The Viper's Dream" line, which envelopes the characteristics of strong, empowered "Viper Women" with their bold lipsticks. The two of us personally love matte lipsticks, and the ones from "The Viper's Dream" line are absolutely perfect. The application is smooth, the packaging is beautiful, and the colors give you exactly the great look you're expecting. 

For the well-versed makeup junkie or the amateurs like us, Shien is perfect for you. Make sure to grab something from theirs soon from! We can't wait for you to fall in love with them like we have.



  1. I've never heard of this brand before. The lipsticks look lovely!
    Lucia's Loves

  2. All of them look so gorgeous on you!