Starbucks Queen?

shirt: swagirls // jacket: foreign exchange // skirt: urban outfitters // shoes: h&m

I'm not much of a coffee person -- or Starbucks person for that matter -- save for the occasional white mocha or caramel frappuccino. And while I admit succumbing to to the library and dining hall cafes numerous times throughout the school year in an effort to gain a few extra hours of studying before 8am exams, it does not change the fact that I am definitely not a Starbucks Queen. That small fact makes for quite interesting conversations with strangers that start off with "Wow, you must love Starbucks huh?" and consequently set into motion a flurry of phrases in my head consisting of all the plausible -- though not necessarily true -- responses that I can pick from. Ultimately, it usually just ends in me saying, "Haha, yeaaaah" before scurrying off so as to avoid any further questions. So to all of our readers out there, are you a Starbucks Queen?



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  1. It's funny because I'm actually really drawn to that shirt and I don't even like coffee. I get a tea at Starbucks maybe once a month on my way to work but I kind of love that tee! I think it's super cute and makes for a really interesting outfit!