cold weather

jacket + tights: forever 21 // white blouse: thrifted // shorts: // headwrap: h&m //wedges: 

After weeks and weeks of hot weather in the Bay Area (a rare occurrence) during fall, the first of many cold days has begun. It's finally time for the holidays, chunky sweaters, hot chocolate, and warm blankets. The holidays are my favorite time of the year, with cheeriness and excitement in the air. 

I visited my old high school today, and I must admit, it's so weird walking the halls as an alumni. I know for sure that last year as a student I would not be able to get away wearing these shorts and wedges to school. I guess that's one the many perks of being out of high school.

One thing I liked the most about my high school is the killer view we had. Since the school is situated on top of a hill, one can see the whole city, San Francisco, and even the Golden Gate Bridge in the parking lot. It's even especially beautiful at night, when the city lights are present. 

Hopefully the weather continues to stay like this and not revert back to super hot weather as it's been tending to do the last couple weeks. Stay warm, folks.



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