florals and leather

sunnies: www.sunglassspot.com // shorts: h&m // top: bloom // lips: nyx xtreme lip cream in absolute red

I used to be very against taking shots in the back alleyway of the apartment complex that I live in. To me, it was seen as a dingy block of various stairwells and rain gutters painted a pale, dead gray. Surprisingly, most of my recent shots have been taken here. Once I got used to it, I figured out the back alleyway wasn't so bad after all. Another plus was that no random stranger could awkwardly catch me shooting pictures and question my choice of shorts in late November.

I've always been a fan of the florals and leather pairing. There's something about the delicate detail of the flowers and the edginess of the leather that comes together perfectly. 

Elisa recently discovered Nyx lip products from watching a clothesencounters video. We absolutely love the moisture and color that they give, and them being a decent price totally made us fall in love with them. I think I might know what I want for Christmas now.



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  1. that alley background is dope and i love floral and leather together! clothes encounter is super cool too!