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jacket + scarf: foreign exchange // dress + shoes: h&m // tights: target

I watched Divergent this past weekend with my boyfriend, and oh boy did I enjoy it (albeit a little too much). But hey, you gotta admit that Theo James is probably one of the hottest British guys to ever grace this planet. The whole movie made me wonder which faction I'd fit best in, and while Candor would allow me to blurt out every little thing that came into my mind without feeling the least bit guilty, Dauntless is definitely a much cooler and more exciting option. Every one of its members just oozed 'idgaf' attitudes and their all-black attire was extremely badass. No doubt that I'd probably fail the training process and become factionless, but it'd still be worth a shot right?



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  1. oooh i still have to see that film- it sounds amazing!
    p.s. love your outfit!!!