trendy blendy product review

"stick to your guns - metal gray" necklace

"stick to your guns - metal gray" necklace

top: "beautiful bandit" necklace
bottom: "stick to your guns - metal gray" necklace

left: "mint isis" earrings
right: "floral marquis" earrings
We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Trendy Blendy, a new online shop with the cutest apparel, jewelry, and makeup products at great prices. We decided to try out their jewelry products, and we have to say we were more than satisfied with what we got!

The two of us loved our necklaces in "Beautiful Bandit" and "Stick to Your Guns - Metal Gray" necklaces. Not only are they diverse and match almost all outfits, they also add an edgy feel to any outfit. Necklaces are definitely a must-have to level up any look, and these necklaces definitely do the job.

Since we're currently in spring and will transition to summer in a couple months, we felt the need to pick out some of their earrings that'll match the seasons. We loved the "Floral Marquis" earrings for when we want to have floral added onto our outfits without being on our actual clothes. The "Mint Isis" earrings had a gorgeous mint color and gave a pop to our spring outfits.

Candice from Trendy Blendy was absolutely wonderful to work with and the people who run Trendy Blendy are very kind, professional, and efficient. Follow them on Instagram at @trendyblendy and get some of your own products for spring and summer today at!

Chantel & Elisa

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